Welcome to WoolGuard’s resources page. Here you’ll find brochures and DLCs (downloadable content offers).

WoolGuard Hood Filters trifold thumbnail

WoolGuard Trifold

A detailed trifold describing the advantages of using WoolGuard Hood Filters.

WoolGuard Spec Sheet.psd

WoolGuard Spec Sheet

Review the technical specifications related to our frames.

WoolGuard Hood Filters Measuring Filters Thumbnail

WoolGuard Measuring a Hood Filter Handout

It's quick and easy to measure and install WoolGuard Hood Filters. Find out how here.

WoolGuard Hood Filters Change Out Thumbnail

WoolGuard Change-Out Filter Handout

Find out the simple process of how to change-out your WoolGuard Hood Filters.

WoolGuard Hood Filters Lifecycle Thumbnail

WoolGuard Lifecycle Stages Handout

See the lifecycle stages of WoolGuard Hood Filters and when to change them out.

WoolGuard Hood Filters Success Story Thumbnail

WoolGuard Success Story Handout

See the success story that could become reality for your restaurant's kitchen!

WoolGuard Hood Filters Airflow Thumbnail

WoolGuard Airflow and Static Air Pressure Handout

Take a look at the graphs and charts on this handout to discover what makes WoolGuard superior to other hood filters.

WoolGuard Hood Filters Compliance Thumbnail

WoolGuard Compliance Handout

A comprehensive look at how WoolGuard Hood Filters are tested, listed and complies with all applicable codes and standards.

WoolGuard Hood Filters Smart Choice Thumbnail

WoolGuard: The Smart Choice Card

Find out why WoolGuard is the smart choice!