The Late Night

You are tired and want to go home, but it is that time again. Time to get the hood system cleaned. Now your long day turns into a late night.

Traditional baffle filters let around 82% of grease enter the hood system. Depending on your level of cooking, grease will accumulate and you’ll need to pay for frequent hood cleaning services. 

Hood cleanings cost at a minimum $400! However, there is a way to reduce your amount of hood cleanings by around 75%. 

How do you do this? Replace your current baffle filters with WoolGuard Hood Filters. Our WoolGuard Hood Filters capture 98% of grease, only letting in around 2% of grease, which greatly reduces the amount of hood cleanings. 

Our WoolGuard Filters work by using 100% wool, which captures grease while still allowing air to continue to pass through the hood system. Once the wool filters are filled with enough grease, the kitchen employees can simply replace the filters. Less grease in your hood system means less hood cleanings.

Learn more about how our filters work and how you can reduce your hood cleanings by visiting our website. Click Here