We are all familiar with the phrase, seeing is believing. With a recent test install at a steak house, those in charge are definitely pleased with what they saw after installing WoolGuard Hood Filters.

The restaurant has a large hood with rotisseries under it. The two hoods in the back have deep fryers and a range. All this equates to a large amount of grease being sent into the hood. That is before the WoolGuard Hood Filter install.

EVERY NIGHT, employees were the cleaning baffles after the restaurant closed. EACH MORNING, they had to re-install them before cooking could begin.

The WoolGuard Hood Filters are already exceeding expectations. The filters have been installed right at 50 days, and they will not have to change them for at least ten more days. At the current rate, they can go months before the baffles need to be scrubbed.

Also, they were doing quarterly cleanings because the hood was getting extremely dirty. Based on the current results, it will be multiple quarters before they will need a hood cleaning. As you can tell in the pictures, the hood is still spotless.

Finally, the PCU unit on the roof can go longer without having maintenance since no grease is making it up to the unit. WoolGuard Hood Filters truly do catch 98% of grease before it enters the hood system.

As this steak house has seen, WoolGuard Hood Filters saves employees from having to scrub baffles daily and lessens the number of hood cleanings. Spend less time cleaning and more time focusing on your customers.

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