Dang, tomorrow’s that quarterly appointment with the local grease cleaning service company. Now I have to either come in early, or stay late (yey!), and handover a few hundred bucks for them to clean my kitchen hoods.

Isn’t there a way to eliminate them coming in altogether?

While we can’t eliminate a visit 100%, we can reduce your cleaning by 75% by installing WoolGuard Hood Filters. So instead of 12 cleanings, you’re down to three. Four cleanings per year and you’re down to one. You get the idea…

But WoolGuard Hood Filters cost money too?

Yes, but let me show you how cost-effective it is to use WoolGuard Hood Filters, thus greatly reducing your grease cleaning service costs:

First things first, you have to start with hood cleaning costs:

From the chart above we can see that this company does four grease cleanings per year. With each cleaning costing at $475, that comes out to $1900/yr. There are no costs for filters.

Using the WoolGuard Hood Filters option, you’re annual hood cleanings have reduced from four to one, costing only $475. But, there are charges for filters for the year (amount is calculated based upon amount of cooking), bringing your total is $1,311.02.

Cost savings on hood cleanings = $588.98 (1900-1311.02)

Next, we’ll go over cleaning labor and filter replacing costs:

We’ll see from the anti-WoolGuard Hood Filter procedure (left-side) that you still have to clean the metal filters everyday (30 days). So, if it takes someone making roughly $9.60/hr, 30 minutes every day to clean your metal filters, that’s $4.80/day x 30 days = $144/mo x 12 months = $1728/yr.

Next, we need to add in water and chemicals associated with cleaning those filters. With our calculations, that costs amounts to $560.47.

Let’s jump over to the WoolGuard Hood Filter side.

It doesn’t take that long to replace a filter (2 minutes) each day, resulting in $72.30/yr. You only have to clean your 30 metal filters once per month, resulting in $57.60/yr for labor and $6.17/yr in water/chemical costs.

NOTE: to simplify the numbers, the WoolGuard Hood Filters option is 1/30th the costs of labor and associated costs due to cleaning once a month, as opposed to everyday. Add the $72.30 to the WoolGuard Hood Filters side to handle disposable filter costs and you’ll see a fair comparison.

Cost savings on labor and cleaning costs = $2142.54 (2288.61-145.07)

Total savings from hood cleaning, labor, and material = $2732.51 (588.98 + 2142.54)

With standard filters only blocking 18-20% of grease, there’s a lot that goes through the duct, onto the roof…and perhaps into your HVAC unit. Looking at the numbers of the alternatives to the WoolGuard Hood Filter method, we come out with a cost of $475.

For WoolGuard Hood Filters, they contain 98% of grease, so there’s no real need to clean the HVAC units on an annual basis. Projected cost of semi-annual inspections is $75.

Cost savings on ancillary costs = $400 (475-75)

Grand Total Savings (hood cleaning, labor, material, and rooftop cleaning) = $3132.9 (4664-1531.1)


We aren’t going to lie, sometimes we run a grease cleaning cost analysis and the overall costs go up. It just depends on how your business operates. If you’d like to run a WoolGuard Hood Filter cost-analysis for your business, we’d be happy to give you the honest truth. Please contact us at 502-694-1550.